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Clarkia Flower Mixed Colords 1000 Seeds

Clarkia Flower Mixed Colords 1000 Seeds

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Clarkia is an exceptionally delightful annual plant. There are two species in garden cultivation: beautiful and elegant. Both are exceptionally beautiful and the difference is in the height of the plants. If someone decides to sow a bale once, he can be sure that it will be a frequent visitor to his garden. We kindly encourage you to purchase the seeds of the Clarkii Elegans color mixture.

Leaflet, native to North America, is an undemanding ornamental plant. Its main advantages are the abundance of flowering and the very nice shape of flowers. Wavy petals form full or semi-double flowers, with a pink shape. They are embedded in the axils of the leaves, closely raised, branched stems, colored red. The colors of the flowers are a picturesque composition of white and rose, mixed with reds. The lower part of the shoot is covered with more lanceolate leaves. Overall, the clarky plants blend in with a colorful sea of ​​frilly inflorescences. The specific charm of these plants will surely charm many who see them.

Klarkies can be a temporary addition to perennial beds or one of the basic components of the seasonal set. Sown in beds, in groups, along walls and fences, they will add a blush to garden compositions. Long stems are great for cutting and making bouquets. It keeps a nice and fresh look in a vase for a long time.

Klarkia is not a picky resident of the garden. It works in almost any soil. The most important thing for her is the sun. Blooms from June to September. Cutting off the faded inflorescences in the middle of the shoot will most likely contribute to re-flowering.

This package contains 1g of seeds which is about 1000 seeds.
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