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Climbing Petunia Mixed Colors 100 seeds.

Climbing Petunia Mixed Colors 100 seeds.

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Climbing Petunia (Petunia x hybrida pendula F2) dazzles with cascades of ruby ​​flowers in an elaborate shape. They have the form of wide funnels with deep purple, delicate petals and dark, almost black throats. The flowers are placed very tightly on hanging, long shoots, only here and there are the juicy green, ovate leaves showing through. Such a flower waterfall, decorative from the end of May to the first autumn frosts, can beautify your balcony, terrace or external window sill, as well as a raised, sunny bed.The easy-to-grow hanging petunia is best done with seedlings. In order to obtain strong seedlings, it is enough to sow the seeds at the end of winter or the beginning of spring in a box, tray or multi-pot. The seed is placed on a moist, well-drained ground and gently pressed in. The seedlings can be burst when they form their first leaves, and then it is recommended to gently nip off the tops. The plants are moved to the target site in late spring, after the late frosts have subsided. They need sunlight for several hours a day and wind protection, as well as a light, fertile, regularly irrigated substrate. The Rubin variety is so effective that it is an excellent decoration for the container itself. For an even better effect, it can be combined with Kaskada petunias - yellow, white or pink.

The package contains 0.1 g of climbing petunia which is about 100 seeds.

Petunia Hybrida Pendula

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