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Climbing Purple Morning Glory 100 seeds

Climbing Purple Morning Glory 100 seeds

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If you want a bit of intimacy on the balcony or terrace, set up a box, install supports and plant an annual climber - the wolf. It grows quickly and will separate you from your neighbors with a wall of flowers.During the season, it can thickly overgrow the entire trellis on the balcony, creating a dense wall of greenery decorated with flowers.The climbers grown against the wall also look very nice - you just need to provide them with appropriate supports, e.g. bamboo sticks or ready-made structures purchased in a garden store.Until mid-May, you can sow wolf seeds.The purple wolf is a 3-meter climber that forms large calyxes of pink, purple, red, white or blue, which develop from July to September. The flowers are open from morning to noon.ApplicationA climbing plant for balconies, terraces, for covering fences, pergolas and gazebos.It blooms from July to October.

Contains 2 grams or around 100 seeds

Ipomoea purpurea

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