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Coleus Rainbow Mixture 50 Seeds

Coleus Rainbow Mixture 50 Seeds

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Koleus Rokoko is a strongly propagating decorative plant with variegated, decorative, notched leaves, which reaches a height of about 25 - 35 cm. Sowing seeds in boxes needs to be addressed in early spring in March. The moment of planting into a permanent place depends on the temperature - this treatment should be carried out when the risk of frost disappears, i.e. around May. Koleus Rokoko likes a sunny position with fertile and well-drained soil characterized by acidic reaction. However, it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, as this may result in the destruction of its attractive leaves. This variety is extremely sensitive to low temperatures - their occurrence will result in inhibiting the development of the plant. The use of the Rococo bude is purely decorative. It is used, among others, for rebates and borders, for planting in containers, boxes and pots on balconies and terraces. Undoubtedly, the fact of having such a varied color scheme has a positive effect on the plant - it facilitates creating interesting compositions together with other plants. Due to the relatively easy cultivation and low environmental requirements koleus rococo is one of the most attractive decorative plants - it will also work well in the garden and in the room on the windowsill.

The package contains 0.2 grams of seeds around 50

Coleus blumei

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