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Colorado Blue Columbine 400 mixed colors seeds

Colorado Blue Columbine 400 mixed colors seeds

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 Colorado Blue Columbine is an ornamental perennial plant in the buttercup family. It can reach approx. 50 - 60 cm in height.Colorado Blue Columbine has a raised habit. Its stiff flower stalks emerge from a dense clump of leaves. Its bell-shaped, beautifully colored flowers and the multi-flap, mat green, mossy leaves have a distinctive, attractive appearance. We can meet varieties with purple, blue, red, yellow and white flowers, uniformly colored or bicolor. The multitude of color variants makes this species suitable for many types of compositions. The plant will bloom beautifully in both sunny and partially shaded locations, but most varieties prefer light shade. It tolerates various types of garden soils. It shows high resistance to low temperatures. Colorado Blue Columbine blooms in the period from May to July. The lower varieties are used, among others, for planting in rock gardens and for potting, while the taller varieties look great in flower beds and groups of trees and shrubs. This species is also grown as a cut flower. Plants are self-pollinating and easy to sow.


The package contains 1 g of seeds. Around 400 seeds

Aquilegia x hybrida

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