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Common Delphinium color mix 500 seeds

Common Delphinium color mix 500 seeds

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The common delphinium is a vigorously growing, annual ornamental plant. Its unusually long inflorescences of pleasant pastel colors blend nicely with other popular summer flowers. Colored ears cut before blooming can be dried and arranged in bouquets.Latin name: Delphinium consolidaLife form: annual plant.Habit: the stiff shoots of the delphinium shoot very densely, which makes the plant assume a bushy habit.Height: This vigorously growing species grows to an average height of 100-120 cm and a width of 60-75 cm.Foliage: The palm-lobed leaves of this species are bright green, large and densely cover the stem. They develop at the beginning of the growing season.Flowering period: the larkspur inflorescences bloom in summer in June and remain nice until August.Type of flowers: a single flower consists of widely spread sepals and is 5-7 cm in diameter. The upper lobe of the perianth takes the characteristic form of a spur. The flowers of the common delphinium develop in dense spikes, up to 70 cm long.Flower color: the delphinium is associated primarily with various shades of blue, but also comes in a variety of purple, pink and white.Location: plants prefer sunny locations, although they bloom profusely also in partially shaded places. They require shelter from wind and fairly fertile, well-drained soil.Spacing: there should be a maximum of two specimens per 1 m2.Frost resistance: representatives of the Delphinium species tolerate low temperatures well.Application: the common delphinium looks beautiful in large groups of single species, due to its impressive size it can also create a colorful background for lower plants or add color to a group of trees or shrubs. This species is also grown for cut flowers and dried bouquets.

Each bag contains 1 g or 500 seeds

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