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Coral pepper Seeds 0.2 Grams

Coral pepper Seeds 0.2 Grams

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Coral pepper (Capsicum annuum) - round, very spicy, also decorative - is a fantastic variety for growing in a pot or balcony box. Its perfectly spherical fruits, as the name suggests, resemble beautiful corals. Initially green and white, with time they change color to yellow and orange, to enjoy the eye crimson red during the period of collective maturity. Under the shiny, smooth skin of the fruit is a compact, very sharp flesh, thanks to which the coral pepper yield is an excellent addition to spicy sauces, soups and other hot dishes. Fruits can also be frozen and preserved.


Seeds of this fertile, undemanding variety should be sown in spring into a permeable soil, onto pallets or into production pots. The seedlings need warmth and regular watering. In late spring, the plants can be moved to flower beds or larger containers. Due to the compact habit and the striking contrast of red fruits and intensely green, lush leaves, Coral pepper can be treated as an ornamental plant. It will develop beautifully and produce numerous fruits in every quiet, sunny, warm place with humus soil.


The package contains 0.2 g of coral pepper seeds.
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