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Coriander Cilantro 200 Seeds

Coriander Cilantro 200 Seeds

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Coriander is an annual plant that reaches a height of about 50 cm. The flowering period falls in June, while the seeds ripen a month later. It is used, among others, as a seasoning in roasted pork, sausages, pates, sauces and cakes. Coriander extract with spirit or infusion is helpful in gastrointestinal diseases, and also increases appetite. Seeds should be sown directly into the ground. The right time for this will be the turn of April and May, using rows spaced 30 cm apart. The best place for cultivation is a sunny place with light, well-drained soil. The plant can also be grown in pots and containers. Frostiness of coriander is not promising - it is not able to survive the winter in the ground. This aromatic spice plant is the basis of cuisine in many countries of the world, a number of dishes without coriander would lose its original character. Her possession does not involve special care obligations, in addition, coriander does not impose excessive environmental requirements on us. It is worth enriching your garden or window sill, because then we will gain unrestricted access to pure health, in addition, coriander growing in a pot can also be a great interior decoration.

The package contains 2 grams or around 200 seeds

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