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Cornichion de Paris 500 cucumber seeds

Cornichion de Paris 500 cucumber seeds

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Cucumber is an irreplaceable seasonal vegetable. Suitable for almost anything. From fresh green slices or pistils, to closing with your favorite additions in jars. How many housewives, so many recipes, but one thing is certain - perfect cucumbers are the basis of success. We recommend a variety specially intended for processing.The Cornichion de Paris pickled cucumber is a variety that will delight all gourmets. It belongs to the medium-early varieties of cucumbers. The fruits are short and compact, best for harvesting when they reach 3-5 cm. The green peel is dotted with a few thick warts. They do not tend to turn yellow. Very delicate, juicy and crunchy, they are perfect for closing in a jar. They retain all their qualities, even after pasteurization. They store very well throughout the winter.Cucumbers offer many culinary possibilities. In every cookbook you will find at least a few recipes for pickling these vegetables. The taste and aroma depend on a variety of spices and additives. Cucumbers can be preserved whole, cut into bars, slices or quarters. Many people prepare cucumbers in a mustard pickle, with the addition of hot pepper and fresh onion. Gherkins are primarily a fantastic addition to meat dishes, cold cuts and roasts. Winter sandwiches will gain expression when we decorate them with a slice of aromatic cucumber straight from the jar. Homemade tartar sauce, based on delicious pickled cucumbers, is a reliable complement to dishes made of eggs, fish and cold meats. Canned cucumbers are eagerly eaten supplements to the daily menu in the autumn and winter period.In addition to tomatoes, cucumbers are the second most-bought seasonal vegetable in our country. Although they are not easy to grow, we plant them en masse in allotments and home vegetable gardens. Cucumbers are sown in nests or in rows, more or less in mid-May, after the threat of ground frosts is over. The stand is well lit, heats up quickly, with a humus base, alkaline. Watering must not be forgotten. It is best if the water is left standing, lukewarm - never cold. The beds with cucumbers should be systematically weeded and fertilized.5 grams or around 500 seeds

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