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Cottage Pink Spring Beauty Mixed Colors 50 seeds

Cottage Pink Spring Beauty Mixed Colors 50 seeds

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The cottage pink Spring Beauty (Dianthus plumarius) is a low perennial plant that reaches a height of 30 cm during the flowering season. It creates nice, grassy clumps composed of numerous oblong, pointed leaves. In summer, numerous flowers rise above the bluish-green leaf pads. The Spring Beauty pinnate clove flowers profusely and the flowering period is very long, lasting all summer months. Half-double flowers with jagged petals have a subtle, pleasant fragrance. In the mixture offered in our store, we find multi-colored flowers. This perennial will be perfect for rock gardens, sunny and dry beds, and for planting walls and paths.

sow these seeds in late spring or early summer in the seedbed. Then transfer the seedlings to a permanent place at the end of summer, where they will bloom after wintering in the following year. These species cope well in full sun, tolerate heat and also periodic droughts well. It prefers clay-sandy soils, it is important that the substrate is well drained. The pinnate clove grows best in a nutrient-rich substrate that is constantly slightly moist.

Each packet contains 0.5 g of Spring Beauty seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Dianthus Plumarius
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