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Covent Garden Summer Gypsophila - white 200 seeds

Covent Garden Summer Gypsophila - white 200 seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Covent Garden Gypsophila (Gypsophila elegans) is an annual plant with small flowers and a delicate habit. A strong growing variety, growing up to 50-60 cm tall. Thin, highly branched stems are scantily foliage, decorated with a mass of small white flowers. Light and delicate gypsophila are great for flower beds and flower beds planted as a filling between other summer flowers. Most often, however, they are grown for cut flowers, fresh or dry, they are commonly used as part of bouquets and floral compositions.Gypsum seeds are sown in early spring under shelter or from April to May directly for discounts. Seeds need light for germination, which is why we do not cover them with the ground. In May, we plant the seedling in place, maintaining a 20x20 cm spacing. Covent Garden summer gypsum plaster should be grown between higher plants, whose shoots will support it, otherwise they may need supports. This species requires a lot of sun and heat, it also tolerates periodic drought. It grows best on sandy and well-drained soil, rich in calcium.

Contains 0.2 g of Covent Garden summer gypsum seeds - white.

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