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Cucumber Cancelka 50 Seeds

Cucumber Cancelka 50 Seeds

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Cancelka cucumber - ground, gherkin (Cucumis sativus) variety intended for medium-early harvest. It yields very well, the fruit ripens gradually, it is necessary to harvest them every day. The great advantage of this plant is its high health status, so that frequent protection treatments are not necessary. It is characterized by high tolerance to downy mildew and cucumber ordinary mosaic virus, it is resistant to cucurbits scab. It produces very short fruit, but slender and shapely, perfect for gherkins. The skin has an intense green color and is covered with small and not very numerous warts.Cucumber is a thermophilic plant, therefore we choose a sunny and warm place for its cultivation. We sow cucumber seeds into the ground in May, then the soil is warm enough and the young plants will not be exposed to frosts that are dangerous for them. The seed material has been covered with special coatings, which ensures the best conditions for germination. This treatment also protects plants during emergence against infestation by soil microorganisms. We grow the Cancelka cucumber in rows 60-80 cm apart. In the row, the seeds are placed 15-20 cm apart, 2-3 in the hole. The substrate should be rich in nutrients and water, and well-drained.

Each package contains 50 seeds of the Cancelka cucumber.

Cucumis sativus

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