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Cucumber Victoria F1 100 Seeds

Cucumber Victoria F1 100 Seeds

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Victoria F1 cucumber (Cucumis sativus) - ground, intense green with fine nodules - is a versatile variety useful for various types of preserves. Its shapely, cylindrical fruit, without the tendency to overgrowth in thickness, has a firm and firm flesh. Their intensely green skins with small, not very numerous warts do not discolor, which would adversely affect the appearance of the cucumbers. Delicious, high-quality fruits are perfect for preserving and fermenting, as well as for the production of home-made gherkins.In late spring or early summer, Victoria F1 cucumber seeds are sown directly into the ground, on a seedbed or into containers. This hardy hybrid has been selected to be grown in the field, without cover, and produces a high yield in sunny and quiet positions. It requires soil that retains moisture well, is not too light, fertile and humus-rich. The fruits of the proposed variety contain small amounts of all the most important micro and macro elements as well as a number of B vitamins and vitamin C. They are suitable for harvesting from July to the end of August.

The package contains 5 g of Victoria F1 cucumber seeds which is about 100 seeds.

Cucumis sativus

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