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Cucumber Wisconsin SMR 58, 200 seeds

Cucumber Wisconsin SMR 58, 200 seeds

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Cucumber Wisconsin SMR 58 - tinned (Cucumis sativus) is one of the old cucumber cultivars that have recently become very popular.
It does not cause many problems in cultivation. It is a very fertile annual plant, intended for a medium-early harvest. Long fruits may be 12-15 cm long, covered with a dark green skin with few but thick nipples. Wisconsin SMR 58 cucumbers are very versatile, they are suitable for pickling and canning, as well as for direct consumption. Fresh fruits and those already processed contain large amounts of vitamins as well as macro- and microelements.

Cucumber is a thermophilic plant, therefore the seeds are not sown into the ground until the second half of May. Wisconsin SMR 58 cucumber seeds are sown in rows 80-100 cm apart. One or more in wells at 15 cm intervals. The seed material has been treated, which means that the plants during emergence are protected against infestation by diseases and pests present in the substrate. For good growth and abundant fruiting, a cucumber requires a sunny position and a lot of water. It prefers well-structured, light and well-drained soils that contain a lot of humus and nutrients. The first fruits will ripen in mid-July.

There are 5 g of seeds or around 200 in each package
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