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Cumin 200 seeds

Cumin 200 seeds

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Cumin is a two-year plant from the umbellate family, reaching a height of about 1 meter. It is common throughout the country. It has double or triple pinnate leaves and small white or pink flowers gathered in umbels. Cumin also produces fruits, they heal the digestive and urinary tract. Sowing seeds should be carried out in early spring, straight into the ground. The plant does not have excessive environmental requirements, so it is enough to provide it with unrestricted access to the sun and moderately rich soil. We should not worry about its resistance to freezing temperatures - common caraway will cope well with frosts during the winter months. We can talk about the flowering of the plant in the period from May to July. It is used as a spice and also benefits from medicinal properties. The spice is mainly fruit, but also young leaves with a strong spicy aroma. They are added to vegetable salads, meats, cheese or cottage cheese. Regular consumption supports the work of the spleen, improves the efficiency of the brain and warms up. This extremely durable plant should stay in our surroundings for good, and thanks to the cyclical addition to the dishes, our body will repay us with no ailments and vitality at the highest level.

The package contains 1 gram or around 200 seeds

Carum Carvi

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