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Dahlia Cactus Flower Mixed Colors 30 seeds, non GMO, fresh, easy to grow

Dahlia Cactus Flower Mixed Colors 30 seeds, non GMO, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
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The cactus dahlia (Dahlia pinnata flore pleno) belongs to the group of variable dahlias with exceptionally attractive, abundant, full flowers. This ornamental perennial blooms in August and retains its visual value until the end of September. It is characterized by excellent vigor and quite strong growth force, as it reaches an average height of 100-120 cm. It blooms in various colors - the mixture offered in our store produces flowers in juicy and pastel shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. Their shapes are also attractive, as each flower basket consists of dozens of elongated, tongue-shaped petals, packed into a dense ball resembling a sea urchin.

It is recommended to sow cactus dahlia seeds from February to April under covers, in a warm inspection or in an apartment, on seedling pallets, preferably under glass. The seedlings are picked up when they get older, and in the second half of May they are planted in a permanent place, preferably in a sunny bed with moist, humus but not too heavy soil. Plants develop tubers that should be dug up in autumn and planted again in spring after the late frosts have passed.

The package contains 0.5 g of cactus dahlia seeds in a mixture of colors which is about 30 seeds.

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