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Decorative Yellow Crookneck Pumpkin 10 seeds

Decorative Yellow Crookneck Pumpkin 10 seeds

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The Yellow Crookneck ornamental pumpkin is an annual plant with creeping or creeping shoots. In late summer and autumn, numerous golden-yellow, bottle-shaped fruits with an elongated, bent "neck" appear. The protrusions on the skin and a piece of the tail left when picking the fruit resemble small ducks. The fruits are harvested in autumn, before frosts, because then they retain their decorative value until late spring and constitute an attractive decorative element in residential or office spaces. During the growing season, the plant is successfully used for planting arbors, fences or as a cover plant. Sowing seeds directly into the ground should be started in early May. The cultivation of the Yellow Crookneck pumpkin is best done in a fully sunny position and in humus and quickly warming up soil. Requires constant access to water. The plant shows poor tolerance to negative temperatures. Its use is limited only to the decorative function, but in this field we can demonstrate exceptional creativity. Both the plant itself and its fruits will be used to decorate the interior and exterior areas. This climbing variety will look beautiful and, with appropriate guidance, it will hide imperfections in building elements, such as gazebos or walls. Thanks to the long life of the harvested fruit, we will have a lot of time to compose all arrangements and for possible changes in the concept.

The package contains 1 gram or around 10 seeds

Cucurbita pepo
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