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Dotted Carnation Seeds Red/White 100 Seeds

Dotted Carnation Seeds Red/White 100 Seeds

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Dotted carnation (Dianthus deltoides) perennial plant ideal for rock gardens as they are perfect for dry and sunny places. This species is vigorously bushy, its shoots overlap, forming carpets. In summer they are covered with small but very charming red and white flowers, in the remaining months they will be decorated with clumps of green leaves. Due to its low height, it is also perfect for planting paths, walls and edges of flower beds, it can also be planted in containers.

Clove seeds are sown in spring boxes or on pallets. We maintain a constant humidity of the substrate and the temperature of 15-18 ° C, then they will germinate very quickly. At the end of summer, the seedlings are moved to a permanent place, where they will not bloom until the next year. This species grows best and blooms profusely when planted in a sunny and dry place. When planted in partial shade, a dotted carnation will produce few flowers. The best substrate will be well-drained, alkaline or neutral.

Each package contains 0.3 g of red and white spotted carnation seeds which is about 100 seeds.
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