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Dried Marigold, Calendula Flower 25g / 0.88 oz

Dried Marigold, Calendula Flower 25g / 0.88 oz

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Dried Marigold Flowers / Calendula Flowers / Dried Calendula/ Organic Dried Herbs | Herbalism | Botanicals | Herbal Teas | Aromatherapy

Also known as: Marigold, Calendula

Farming: Organic

Location: Poland

Calendula officinalis (Latin Calendula officinalis) is an annual, often planted ornamental plant. It is also one of the most famous herbal plants.

Calendula has raised, branched stems 20-50 cm long and lanceolate leaves. At the ends of the stems there are inflorescences in the form of baskets, 2-5 cm in diameter, yellow or orange in color.

The pot marigold blooms from June to September.

Calendula, thanks to its extremely rich composition, is also one of the most universal medicinal and cosmetic plants.

It contains saponins and triterpene alcohols and their esters, sterols, carotenoids, flavonoids, coumarins, essential oil.

The petals of the flower also contain mucilage compounds, organic acids, bitterness, resins, polyacetylenes and polysaccharides, vitamin C and mineral salts.

Net weight: 25g or around 0.88 oz

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