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Dwarf Aster - Ribbon Red - 100 seeds

Dwarf Aster - Ribbon Red - 100 seeds

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Dwarf Aster (Callistephus chinensis) is a lovely low-growing variety that grows up to 25 cm tall. A plant with a nice bushy habit, it creates branched shoots, each of them is topped with a light pink flower. Hordelin variety flowers appear in great numbers. The full ones are composed of long lingual flowers that are densely filled with flower baskets. It is distinguished by long and even flowering, which falls in the period from summer to autumn frost. A low variety with high decorative value will be perfect for low beds and flower beds, with its help we will create colorful borders and effective plantings in balcony pots and boxes.

Asters are frost-sensitive plants, so it is worth preparing seedlings in a heated room in early spring. Aster seeds can also be sown directly into the ground, but not earlier than in May, because spring frosts can damage the seedlings. The best place to grow Hordelin dwarf astra will be in a sunny position. The soil that is permeable and rich in nutrients will be suitable for him, it should not become crusted.

Each package contains 0.5g or around 100 seeds

Callistephus chinensis
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