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Dwarf Raspberry Tomato Bosman Seeds

Dwarf Raspberry Tomato Bosman Seeds

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0.5 grams of seedsDwarf raspberry tomato Raspberry Bosman - medium-early, excellent for preserves - is a variety with a limited growth type, which produces high-quality fruit with raspberry flesh. Tomatoes obtained from its cultivation take on a characteristic, cylindrical-oval shape with a small protrusion in the lower part. They are hard, firm and have 2-3 seed chambers. The weight of the ripe fruit ranges from 70-90 g. Its skin is thin, the flesh is firm, sweet, with a beautiful, blood-red color. During the harvest, the peduncle detaches well from the fruit, which greatly facilitates the gardener's work.Raspberry tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are worth consuming not only for their delicious taste, but also because of their valuable health-promoting properties. Lycopene contained in the fruit, which gives them a red color, inhibits the harmful effects of free radicals. This compound protects the body against the development of cancer and prevents cardiovascular disease.Tomatoes are also a very valuable source of fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and other micronutrients. The yield obtained from the cultivation of tomato Raspberry Bosman can be used for direct consumption and for processing.We plant tomato seeds for seedling in a warm room in early spring. Seedling quilting promotes the development of stronger roots, but it is not necessary. Young plants are planted in the ground at the end of May or June - preferably for a warm, sunny position, with fertile soil enriched with compost or mineral tomato fertilizer.

The packaging available for sale contains 0.5 g tomato seeds Raspberry Bosman.

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