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Dwarf Tomato 100 seeds

Dwarf Tomato 100 seeds

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Tomatoes are common vegetables enjoying unflagging recognition among consumers. Despite being sensitive to temperature fluctuations, they are very popular in home vegetable gardens and allotments. Due to this, we have included a dwarf tomato of the Betalux variety in our constantly expanding offer.The Betalux dwarf tomato is a determinate tomato variety, intended for amateur and industrial cultivation. A very early variety, extremely fertile. Plants with a compact, dense habit, bear large, spherical fruits on their twigs, sometimes slightly flattened. The skin is taut and smooth. The flesh is uniform, with a small amount of seed jelly. In rainy years, they may be prone to slight cracking and deformation. But it has another advantage. The variety shows parthenocarpicity. It is the ability to bear fruit without pollination. It is valuable in this early variety in the bud formation phase, when the temperature is too low for pollinating insects. The harvest of this variety takes about 65 days or earlier. Due to the time of yielding, it is a variety resistant to potato blight. It is less resistant to alternaria and magnesium deficiency. Therefore, it is worth using fertilizers intended for these vegetables.Betalux dwarf tomatoes are an excellent choice for growing in a container. Harvested straight from the bush, they will delight you with the delicious taste of real tomatoes, disqualifying shop competitors. They are tastiest when fresh, they are also suitable for homemade preserves. Pastes, sauces, concentrates, salads are just some of the possibilities of using this type of tomatoes.For tomatoes, we choose sunny places, sheltered in good soils. Regularly irrigated and fertilized, they will repay you with good-looking fruit. The Betalux dwarf tomato variety is perfect for growing in a home garden, and its tasty fruits will appear on our table many times. We encourage you to purchase.This package contains 1 g of seeds, which is about 100 seeds.

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