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Dyptam, Shrub of Moses 20 seeds, non GMO, fresh, easy to grow

Dyptam, Shrub of Moses 20 seeds, non GMO, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
Flat rate shipping, no matter how many seeds you order.

All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.

Dyptam (also known as the Shrub Moses) is a long-lived perennial plant reaching a height of about 70 - 80 cm. Its characteristic feature are white or pink flowers in the form of abundant, stately, top and intensely fragrant clusters. Sowing seeds should take place at the turn of February and March placing them in boxes under cover, germination occurs after about a month. Young seedlings must then go to the pots in which the cultivated will spend the whole summer. The moment of placing them in a fixed place is September - remember to use the spacing. The optimal position for this plant will be a fully sunny or slightly shaded place with well-drained, fertile soil that has a balanced level of humidity. It would be good if a plant once planted does not change its place anymore, because such actions affect it very adversely. Dyptam blooms from May to July. It is used, among others, for discounts, as well as for garden and park groups. Combines well with other decorative plants. The unique fragrance it emits also has a positive effect on its overall image. Dyptam is undoubtedly an interesting plant - rather unpopular - that will work both in the urban noise and on the outskirts of civilization.

The package contains 0.3 grams or around 20 seeds

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