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Early Carrot Amsterdam 3 - 300 seeds

Early Carrot Amsterdam 3 - 300 seeds

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Amsterdam carrots 3 (Daucus carota) is a wonderful, fertile and very tasty variety, perfect for an early bunch harvest. It produces long (12-15 cm), intensely orange roots with perfectly colored, crispy and juicy flesh, rich in beta-carotene. They are cylindrical in shape and do not tend to bifurcate. Fully grown roots are harvested in summer and early autumn for direct consumption, juices, purees and cakes.Sowing seeds directly into the ground can be carried out throughout the spring. The good roots of Amsterdam 3 carrots grow to the largest size on rather light soils, but not drying, and at the same time rich in humus. Carrots are recommended to be grown in the second or third year after the manure. Harvesting can take place 90-110 days after sowing, from July to September.Contains 300 seedsDaucus carota

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