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Eruption Full Ballerina 100 seeds

Eruption Full Ballerina 100 seeds

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Gilded, eruption full Ballerina is as cute as its name. This is a variety with full inflorescences. The mixture sold in our gardening store offers flowers in all the existing shades. Thanks to this, clumps of gilders will look incredibly effective.Latin name: Eschscholtzia californicaLife form: Annual plant Habit: The gilt grows widely. It has many branched stems.Size: The plant grows 30 cm in height and 15 cm in width.Foliage: Leaves are small and pinnate. They consist of short, striped gills. They have a bluish green tinge.Flowers: They have 4 wide, triangular-shaped petals with rounded tips. They are very delicate and thin. They look like pleats. The flower crown is arranged in a shallow cup. The petals are two-colored, quite contrasting. The colors go from the center to the edges of the flower. They come in shades of pink, red, yellow and orange.Frost resistance: The plant is resistant to frost.Position: Eszolcja prefers permeable soils. Likes to grow in full sun.Planting: The seeds are sown into the ground in spring or autumn. Plants should not be replanted.Spacing: 20 x 20 cmApplication: The gilt can be planted singly and in groups - in both cases it will look extremely effective. It will decorate the borders of low discounts. It will also work well on rockeries.The package sold in our online store contains 0.5 grams or around 100 seedsEschscholtzia californica

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