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Eucalyptus globulus - Southern Blue Gum - 10 seeds

Eucalyptus globulus - Southern Blue Gum - 10 seeds

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Plant description: Eucalyptus is a very attractive ornamental plant. It is impressive both when it is still young and when it takes the form of a large, branchy tree. Its attractiveness is determined by beautiful, extremely original leaves, which have a characteristic gray-blue color. Eucalyptus can be grown in a garden or greenhouse.

Name: proper eucalyptus, spherical eucalyptus

Life form: perennial

Height: Initially the plant is not tall. A one-year plant is about 1 meter high. After 15-20 years in the conditions of garden cultivation, it can be up to 15 meters.

Type of flowers: Eucalyptus flowers are gathered in heads or small umbels composed of small flowers about 1 centimeter long. They have no greater ornamental value.

Flower color: cream or white

Flowering period: Plants that are more than 10 years old are blooming. The flowering period is irregular and the flowers do not have to appear every year, but most often it occurs in summer, especially when the temperature is high.

Foliage: The leaves of young plants differ from those of older plants. Young plants are oval or round in shape and about 4 centimeters long, with lanceolate or sickle-shaped leaves on older specimens. They all have a characteristic blue-green color and a silvery coating.

Habit: Eucalyptus proper has the form of a small, rather branchy and overgrown tree. Under natural conditions, it creates enormous trees that can be several dozen meters high.

Application: A young eucalyptus plant can be regarded as an attractive ornamental plant, one of the prettiest points of a perennial bed or flower bed. Over time, however, it grows into a powerful tree and should be planted on its own permanently. In both forms, it is an extremely attractive plant that can be the focal point of any garden. The essential oil is obtained from the leaves of eucalyptus, which has antibacterial and healing properties - it can be used for colds.

Frost resistance: Young plants do not tolerate temperature drops below 0, so they should be dug up before frost occurs. Older plants, which have already taken the form of a small tree, can overwinter in the ground, but they should be protected against the cold.

Position: Eucalyptus proper must be placed in full sun, otherwise it will not grow and will quickly wither. Feels best in moist, well-drained soil, sheltered from the wind.

Latin name: Eucalyptus globulus

Each package contains 10 seeds

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