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European Watermelon Janosik 10 seeds

European Watermelon Janosik 10 seeds

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Watermelon Janosik is the first Polish variety whose fruit has a yellow flesh.
The plant is adapted for cultivation in our native conditions.
Its large fruits weighing 3.5 - 5.5 kg are surrounded by dark green skin, have a juicy and sweet flesh with a small amount of seeds.

Sowing seeds should be carried out to the pots in April, put the seedling in the ground at the end of May. The position that should be chosen for cultivation is a place with free access to the sun and a moist and fertile ground. The Janosik variety is not frost-resistant. The fruit is suitable for harvest in August and September. They are widely used in the kitchen, which is due to their unique taste. They will be a perfect complement to a fruit salad. Watermelon consists of about 90 percent water, which is why it's great for hot summer days. It is characterized by low calorie and numerous nutritional properties, it also abounds in vitamins. Relying on our own creativity, we can be tempted to create an interesting pattern out of it by cutting - in this way the watermelon will also gain a decorative function.

The package contains approx. 10 seeds

Citrullus lanatus
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