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Evergreen candytuft, iberis sempervirens 50 seeds, fresh, easy to grow

Evergreen candytuft, iberis sempervirens 50 seeds, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
Evergreen candytuft is a plant that reaches 25-30 cm in height and is characterised by strong tillering.
It has leathery, narrow, long, dark green leaves and white flowers gathered in dense, round clusters.
Mainly used for decorating rock gardens, but also for flower beds and cut flowers.
Sowing seeds should be carried out from the fourth to the sixth month under cover, while the arrival of September is a signal for planting.
For the proper development of clothes, we should take care of the appropriate position.
The ideal setting is full sun and highly drained soil. In this regard, the plant does not have high requirements - its development will take place on any type of substrate.
The optimal spacing will be 300 x 300 mm.
As for the application, in addition to the above-mentioned, it is worth trying various combinations of the plant with other species.
We can also grow it in pots and other containers; cultivated in this way will be a wonderful decoration of balconies or terraces.

Evergreen candytuft is a plant that is easy to grow, which means that even people who do not have much experience in gardening and plant care can decide to buy its seeds.

Each package contains 0.5 gram or around 50 seeds

Iberis sempervirens

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