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Feathergrass 100 Seeds

Feathergrass 100 Seeds

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Stipa tenuissima is a tuft grass up to 50 cm high, which is characterized by delicate, threadlike, bright green leaves. In our climate it is grown as an annual plant. Its charming, subtly waving in the wind, fluffy inflorescences look great in flowerbeds. It is also possible to cultivate the osteonium in containers, and the dried inflorescences can be used for dry bouquets. Dealing with this species will not cause us many difficulties. We should only meet the most basic needs of the stonewars, which are the appropriate position and ground. Seedlings prefer a fully sunny location and moderately moist, alkaline soil. Due to its origin, the plant is completely unsuitable for winters in our climate. Negative temperatures are lethal for her and she cannot withstand until spring. Ostnica is sometimes used even for industrial purposes, but in Poland its use is limited to decorative functions. It is a great garden decoration, and a skillful combination with other grasses can give a unique, beautiful effect. For a better result, it is worth trying to sow more plants, because only in a large, dense group will we achieve a fully satisfying view. The Pony Tails strong sticks will surely appeal to everyone and will stay in the garden for good.

The package contains 0.05 grams of seeds.

Stipa tenuissima
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