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Figeler's Kroplik Flower Seeds

Figeler's Kroplik Flower Seeds

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Kroplik, prankster (Mimulus hybridus) is a small (20-40 cm), undemanding annual plant with exceptionally cheerful, speckled flowers that appear from June to September. It develops erect, quite flaccid and usually branched stems with heart-shaped, irregularly serrated leaves. The flowers are large, funnel-shaped and wide open. They take on a bright yellow or cream color, and on the surface of their petals there are extensive, dark red spots and spots, giving them an exotic look.


Kropliki are thermophilic, which is why they are grown from seedlings in our climate. Sowing seeds is recommended to be carried out from March to mid-April in a greenhouse, mini-garden or inspection, and the seedling can be moved to the target position after May 15. The prankster is perfect for growing multi-colored rebates in the foreground, flower border or in a balcony box. I need a sunny position or shade for part of the day and a well drained, well-drained substrate, enriched with compost.



The package contains 0.3 g seeds or approx 50 seeds

Mimulus hybridus

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