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Finesse White Onion 500 seeds

Finesse White Onion 500 seeds

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Finesse Onion (Allium cepa) - white, mild in taste, good for storage. Mid-early variety. The chives break down about 120 days after sowing the seeds, which means that the bulbs can already be harvested. We will obtain very even onions, which mature in one day. Finesse onion is distinguished by its snow-white color. The beads are spherical or rhomboidal in shape. They weigh from 120 to 140 g. They are characterized by high value, the flesh is quite hard and mild in taste. They are perfect for direct consumption as well as for long storage. They are characterized by a high dry matter content, thanks to which they do not lose their value, they are stored even until the end of February. Onion does not have any special climatic requirements, it grows perfectly in conditions that exist in our country. However, it requires very good soil. They should be rich in humus and nutrients, and moderately compact. It is important that they are well cultivated, without stones and weeds and have good water capacity. The pH value is from 6.5 to 7.0. In early spring, Finezja onion seeds are sown directly into the ground. In March as soon as possible, as soon as weather conditions permit.

There are 5 g of seeds in each package, about 500 seeds

Allium cepa

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