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Firecracker Vine 20 seeds, fresh, easy to grow

Firecracker Vine 20 seeds, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
Flat rate shipping, no matter how many seeds you order.

The lobata mina (which is also known as the lobed wolf) is a one-year-old climber that can reach a height of about 6 meters. It comes from South America. Its flowering occurs in the period from July until the first frosts. Sowing seeds into pots should be done in March, while the plant should be planted in the middle of May. The optimal position for mine cultivation will be a sunny place with well-drained and fertile soil. In terms of frost resistance, the plant cannot prove itself - due to its origin, it is not adapted to negative temperatures and dies with the onset of the first frost. A characteristic feature of the mine is its rapid growth and beautiful decorative leaves and flowers. Its use is typical for vines - it is primarily used to cover arbors, garden grates or balconies. Using the creeping nature of the mine, we can guide it as we wish, while being sure that its beautifully presented flowers will effectively decorate any surface. If you have unfavorable building elements in the yard, such as walls, fences, etc., the mine can be used as a masking element. Grown together with other species, it also achieves aesthetic success and can perfectly fit into an already existing landscape.

The package contains 0.5 g or around 20 seeds

Ipomoea lobata

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