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French Marigold Brocade 50 seeds

French Marigold Brocade 50 seeds

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A compact plant with a compact, spherical habit that creates extremely attractive full, colorful inflorescences. A very valuable ornamental plant, popular for its early and long flowering. Mahogany-golden flowers decorate plants from spring to autumn frost. Marigolds can be planted around the edges of a flower bed, adding color to garden flower beds and flower beds. Planted in pots and boxes, it will be a perfect decoration for a balcony or window sill.

Very easy to grow and undemanding plant that can be easily obtained from seeds. Early spring is a good time to sow marigold seeds indoors, especially when you want it to bloom in early summer. We can also sow the seed directly into the ground in mid-spring. For marigold cultivation, it is best to allocate a place in the sunny part of the garden, planted in partial shade, they bloom slightly less. Marigold Tagetes has low soil requirements, it is important that they do not contain too much nitrogen, because plants create a lot of leaves instead of flowers.

Each packet contains 1 g of seeds which is about 50 seeds.
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