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Garden Petunia - Purple 25 seeds

Garden Petunia - Purple 25 seeds

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Garden Petunia - Purple - Petunia x atkinsiana, one of the most popular balcony plants. Profusely flowering annual plant with 60-80 cm long, drooping stems. It is vigorously spreading, the shoots are covered with small hairy leaves. The flowers of this variety are very large, single, with an intense blue-violet color. This species is valued for its very long flowering period. The first flowers appear at the beginning of summer, the next ones continue to unfold until autumn. Due to their long shoots, these plants are primarily suitable for growing in boxes, pots and hanging baskets. Cascades abundantly covered with magnificent flowers will be an irreplaceable decoration of a balcony, terrace or window sill.We grow petunias by sowing seeds in a heated and bright room. Boxes or pallets filled with a light, permeable substrate will be perfect for this. After emergence, the seedlings should be quilt. We move the seedlings to a permanent place in the second half of May, when the risk of the last spring frosts is over. Petunia has low soil requirements and grows well in almost any garden soil. Perfectly copes with full sun, tolerates short-term drought. However, regularly watered and fertilized, it will be exceptionally beautiful.Each package contains 25 garden petunia seeds

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