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Garden Rhubarb 20 seeds

Garden Rhubarb 20 seeds

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Garden rhubarb (Rheum rhaponticum), also referred to as garden shrub, is one of the very popular and at the same time undemanding vegetables, very often found in gardens. Rheum rhaponticum came to Europe from Asian regions, most likely from China, where it was known in ancient times, although it was treated as a medicinal plant.Rhubarb is a perennial with an extensive underground part consisting of carp and numerous roots. Young plants are characterized by tap root, but as the plant grows, a partially woody, storage-type root is formed. At the top of the stump there are buds, from which large leaves grow in spring, set on very thick petioles, which are the edible part of the vegetable. Petioles can be red, green and green-red. The height of the vegetable can be about 1.5 m.

0.5g or around 20 seeds

Rheum rhaponticum

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