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Garden Verbena Mix colors 100 seeds

Garden Verbena Mix colors 100 seeds

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Garden verbena is a warm climate perennial originating from a cross between several species. It does not exist as a wild-growing plant, but only and exclusively as cultivated by humans. In the conditions of our country, it is grown as an exceptionally decorative annual plant. Under the common name of garden verbena there are two groups of plants - bed (standing) and pendulous (with long, hanging stems) verbena. Both the first and the second group of these spectacular plants have their fans.The extraordinary advantages of garden verbena include its low soil requirements. The secret of growing here is regular watering - verbena hates to be overdried. In a sunny, warm and sheltered place, it will certainly show its charm in all its glory. However, these are not the conditions necessary to enjoy the beauty of this plant. It tolerates cold, wind and heavy rain well. They like to be fed multi-component fertilizers, but it is recommended to do it in moderation. Over-fertilization of plants causes lush leaf growth and inhibits flowering. They must not be planted too close to each other. In too high a concentration, they can be attacked by fungal diseases, especially mildew, but these are rather sporadic cases. The verbena grown in our gardens usually come from seedlings, and we encourage you to produce your own. It will be possible thanks to the wonderful mixture available in our store.Verbena belongs to the group of medium-sized plants (20-40 cm). Charming, large and numerous corymbose enchant with the multitude of colors. We will find white, light and dark pink, reds, shades of lilac, purple and intense purple among them. The flowers can be single-colored or have a white spot in the center, i.e. mesh. The presented mixture is compact, irregular tufts sprinkled with flowers. Juicy green, oblong leaves with slight indentations at the edges, are the perfect background for its colorful flowers, which appear in mid-summer and remain on the plant even until October. A mix of garden verbena seeds is a great idea if you want an original border or an interesting flowerbed. It is a plant that fits perfectly into containers, boxes and bowls. It is worth having this multicolored carpet in your garden.

The package contains 0.3 grams or around 100 seeds

Verbena x hybrida

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