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Garlic Chives Allium tuberosum 200 seeds

Garlic Chives Allium tuberosum 200 seeds

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Description of the plant: Garlic chives is a real treasure of macro- and microelements. They should be on everyone's menu. Garlic chives are a universal plant - they are most often treated as a valuable vegetable, but they also have medicinal properties. Due to its nice shape and beautiful, expressive flowers, it is sometimes used as an ornamental plant.Name: garlic chives, tuberous chives, Chinese chivesLife form: perennialHeight: 30-35 centimetersFlower type: Inflorescences appear on erect inflorescence shoots. They are composed of many tiny, star-shaped flowers that form a flattened umbel with an intense, very pleasant smell.Flower color: white onlyFlowering period: July - end SeptemberFoliage: The long, light green leaves of garlic chives are triangular in shape.Habit: A plant with a high growth force, forms extremely compact clumps.Application: Garlic chives are used especially in cooking. It is an extremely valuable plant with a characteristic, unusual taste that combines the flavors of chives and garlic. Chives leaves are often added to various types of dishes, cottage cheese, egg dishes, salads and meats. The plant is also used in herbal medicine - it has carminative, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. What's more, many people introduce garlic chives to their garden as an ornamental plant - it has a very nice habit and large, attractive flowers, which are an extremely decorative element of every perennial bed.Frost resistance: Garlic chives are resistant to low temperatures.Position: Garlic chives is a plant that succeeds in all conditions, but grows fastest on sandy loam soils. Likes moist, sunny or slightly shaded positions.Spacing: 30x20 centimetersLatin name: Allium tuberosum

The package contains 1 gram or around 200 seeds

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