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Gigante D'Italia Leaf Parsley seeds

Gigante D'Italia Leaf Parsley seeds

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Gigante D'Italia leaf parsley (Petroselinum crispum) variety ideal for cultivation throughout the growing season. It is suitable for a small backyard garden or for growing on a balcony or window sill. Recommended for direct consumption as well as for freezing. The variety is characterized by strong and fast growth. It forms tall clumps of large, smooth leaves. They have an intense green color and a strong, very rich aroma. In the kitchen, we can successfully use both fresh and dried parsley. Fresh leaves, not to lose their value, chop and add to already cooked dishes, dried leaves can be added during cooking. The parsley will serve as a spice, but it will also work well as a green decoration of dishes.

Leaf parsley is very easy to grow and undemanding. It is enough to provide a place in the sunny part of the garden and a fertile, light and permeable substrate. Sowing parsley seeds in the garden or in containers throughout the spring until the end of July. In a heated room, we can enjoy fresh, green parsley all year round. Leaf parsley will successfully winter in the ground.

2 grams or 300 pcs of seeds
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