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Gold Dust Alyssum 100 seeds

Gold Dust Alyssum 100 seeds

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Gold Dust Alyssum (Alyssum saxatile) is a small, fabulous plant, which certainly cannot be overlooked. It cannot be missed among the most popular spring flowering perennials. A charming perennial that will decorate your garden with a mass of golden-yellow flowers. It creates dense clumps of large, gray-green, oblong leaves, reaching a height of up to 30 cm. In spring, for several weeks, they are showered with a mass of tiny, bright yellow flowers, gathered in dense panicles. It is a source of nectar for beneficial insects. Commonly planted in rock gardens, on raised flowerbeds, on the edges of flower beds, along walls and paths. Often combined with other spring-flowering perennials such as geese and porcupines, or with bulb flowers.We can easily propagate it from seeds sown in early summer. We sow the seeds of the dragonfly directly into the ground or on the seedbed. Ready seedlings are transplanted into rebates at the end of summer, keep them 15-20 cm apart. It is an undemanding plant and easy to grow. Prefers places full of sun. Likes dry, well-drained, sandy or rocky soil.

Each package contains 0.2 g of gold dust alyssum which is about 100 seeds

Alyssum saxatile L.

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