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Gourd "Sweet Dumpling" 20 seeds

Gourd "Sweet Dumpling" 20 seeds

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The Sweet Dumpling ornamental pumpkin is a creeping or climbing annual plant, 5 to 8 m long. Its flowering time is in the summer, which is the turn of July and August. In late summer and autumn, it produces creamy white fruit with spots and stripes, the flesh of which becomes orange in color. Pumpkin seeds should be sown directly into the ground at the beginning of May. For proper growth, the plant needs a strongly sunlit position and a permeable, moist substrate with a tendency to keep warm. In terms of frost resistance, however, it is not able to prove itself - as soon as the first frosts come, its development is stopped, so the process of picking the fruit should be completed by this point. The Sweet Dumpling decorative pumpkin is used, among others, to cover walls, gazebos or fences. This is especially useful in the case of having less representative building elements that can be effectively covered by a lush vine. It is also distinguished by its culinary qualities - thanks to its delicious flesh, we can enrich many dishes with a unique taste, such as soups. Sweet Dumpling pumpkin fruits also have a high decorative value, which they can keep for a long time, and a source of ingredients needed by the body, including vitamins.

The package contains 2 grams of seeds which is about 20 seeds.

Cucurbita Pepo
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