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Gourd Unique 6 seeds - Edible Flowers

Gourd Unique 6 seeds - Edible Flowers

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Gourd is an annual plant that produces pear-shaped fruits with green colour with white infiltrates, the shoots of which reach a length of 2 - 3 meters. They are extremely hard after hollowing. Ripe fruits harvested in autumn retain their decorative value until late spring, being an attractive decorative element indoors. The plant is valued for its wide application. The optimal period for sowing seeds under pot covers will be April, while they should be placed directly in the ground in mid-May. When it comes to frost resistance, the Cobra gourd is not tolerant to negative temperatures and stops developing as soon as the first frosts occur. Taking advantage of the climbing nature of the plant, we can effectively cover pergolas, gazebos, etc. The plant is undoubtedly quite unusual for our climate zone, so it will be an intriguing element of the garden. Having your own, unconventional species will make our property unique, and the place where gourd is grown will become a reference point for all the rest of the plants.

Contains 6 seeds

Lagenaria siceraria
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