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Grand Amaranth 300 seeds

Grand Amaranth 300 seeds

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Amaranth Grand (Amaranthus caudatus) is an unusual annual plant with branched, densely leafed shoots, reaching a height of up to 2 m. The shoots in the upper part overhang with decorative and soft to the touch paniculate inflorescences, commonly called "fox tails". These inflorescences are made of tiny, amaranth-colored flowers gathered in ears. Grand pendulous scarlet blooms from July through October. It can be used for growing in groups or as a solitaire on lawns or in rows along the fence. Also suitable for cut flowers and dry bouquets. Amaranth seeds are of high nutritional, dietary and medicinal value. They contain a lot of protein and fiber. They are recommended in the diets of allergy sufferers, vegetarians and in the prevention of atherosclerosis and cancers of the digestive system. They are used to make gluten-free flour.Pendulous amaranth seeds are sown in April under covers or in May directly into the ground. The seedlings should be quilted, and the ready seedlings should be planted in a permanent place at the end of May, at a distance of 50 x 80 cm. Light, calcareous and medium-compact soils and a sunny and warm position are the best for growing amaranth.

The package contains 1g or around 300 seeds

Amaranthus caudatus

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