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Hassana Chai Tea - non GMO 1.8 oz

Hassana Chai Tea - non GMO 1.8 oz

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Black Tea - Hassana Chai - Premium 50 grams or around 1.8 ounces.

Description of the tea;
Hassana Chai - Premium takes you to distant, warm countries. "Al thaif, al saif al kaif" - (for the guest, for the sword, for the mood). Raise a traditional toast of a hospitable Bedouin with a strongly warming Hassan tea.

The addition of cardamom, nutmeg and mallow flowers enchant with taste and smell - and it's all nature itself!

Country of origin India

The products are packed in elegant and hermetic Doypack string packaging. Thanks to these packages, you can enjoy the taste and aroma for a long time.
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