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Hibiscus Trionum 100 seeds

Hibiscus Trionum 100 seeds

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The southern hibiscus is a one-year plant with upright, spreading shoots covered with dark green, shiny leaves, reaching a height of approx. 50-60 cm. Its characteristic feature are attractive, trumpet-shaped, cream-yellow flowers with a brown center and a diameter of 8 cm. This original plant is used for growing in flower beds or in containers, as well as decorating balconies and terraces. In order for its seeds to be sown correctly, it should be carried out in spring under covers, and planting into the ground should take place in mid-May, with an appropriate spacing of approx. 30 - 40 cm. The preferred location for southern hibiscus is a sunny, wind-free place with any type of garden soil. As far as frost resistance is concerned, the plant is durable, which is especially important in spring, in its early stages of development, when temperature fluctuations can be large. The flowering of southern hibiscus occurs in the summer period, more precisely at the turn of July and August, and this is when it produces beautiful, unusual flowers. The decision to buy a plant may also be prompted by the very easy cultivation and low environmental requirements that must be met by a happy owner of this variety.Hibiscus trionum, commonly called flower-of-an-hour, bladder hibiscus, bladder ketmia, bladder weed, flower-of-the-hour, modesty, puarangi, shoofly, and venice mallow, is an annual plant native to the Old World tropics and subtropics.The package contains 1 gram or around 100 seedsHibiscus trionum

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