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Hoary Stock 1000 Seeds. Intense fragrance flower

Hoary Stock 1000 Seeds. Intense fragrance flower

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Plant description: Hoary Stock, is a plant that is distinguished by an unusual smell. Her flowers open before the evening giving off a very pleasant and extremely intense fragrance. It is a flower that should be near every gazebo and bench to make your evening rest in the garden more pleasant.

Name: Summer gillyflower, garden matza

Life form: annual plant

Height: 30 to 40 centimeters

Type of flowers: Small and inconspicuous flowers of the tentacle are closed all day and open only in the evening. Single, gathered in clusters, they have four tab-shaped petals.

Flower color: Mostly lilac or intensely pink.

Flowering period: The first flowers appear in June and the plant continues to bloom until the end of September.

Foliage: The leaves are extremely fine and have a lanceolate shape. They are placed on a branched, creeping stalk, on both sides are covered with fine hairs that make the leaves look gray-green.

Form: A small shrub that almost completely covers with small flowers during flowering.

Application: Hoary Stock is a very popular decorative plant, which is grown mainly because of its stunning, very intense and relaxing fragrance. Her flowers are not particularly original, but they look very nice, especially when they start to open before evening. It is a plant that is especially suitable for sowing near gazebos and garden benches or under house windows - in places where we can most often enjoy its fragrance. It can also be sown at discounts, where it creates interesting color compositions with other plants.

Frost hardiness: It is an annual plant that dies in winter, but tolerates spring frost very well.

Position: Hoary Stock has extremely modest requirements - it grows well even on soils with medium and low fertility levels. He likes light soils and medium sunny positions, even partial shades.

Spacing: Rows 20 centimeters apart, plants should be interrupted every 5 centimeters.

Latin name: Matthiola bicornis

The package contains around 500 seeds of Violet color
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