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Hollyhock Black 20 seeds

Hollyhock Black 20 seeds

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Black mallow (otherwise known as marshmallow) is a biennial ornamental plant consisting of magnificent black flowers forming spike inflorescences. It can reach a height of up to approx. 200 - 250 cm. It looks attractive when grown in a larger group. Mallow is especially recommended for country-style gardens and cut flower cultivation. The plant has medicinal properties that were known in antiquity, it is used, among others, as an antitussive medicine. It blooms in late July and early August. For proper development, it needs a warm and sunny position with fertile, well-drained soil. Black mallow's frost resistance can be called relatively high. It is a decorative species, and due to its strong and abundant growth, it is used, for example, to cover walls, decorate fences, decorate flowerbeds or frame entrances. Mallows will look great when planted in a group on the lawn. Its charms are also used by insects that willingly appear in places where they occur. An additional plus is fairly easy cultivation and low environmental requirements. Black mallow can also be a great background for other plants. With its help, we will create interesting compositions, and the skillful use of colors will provide a unique view and atmosphere.

The package contains 0.5 grams or about 50 seeds

Alcea rosea var. nigra
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