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Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot pepper 20 seeds

Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot pepper 20 seeds

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Plant description: Introducing spicy Hungarian peppers to your garden is especially recommended for those who love spicy flavors.
Hungarian Yellow Wax is a variety that does not belong to the top sharpest, so we can also use it for direct consumption.
It is an extremely durable variety, not afraid of its temperature jumps, so it is ideal for breeding in our climate.

Name: hot pepper, Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot pepper

Life form: annual plant

Height: The bush, depending on the growing conditions, is 60 to 90 centimeters.

Type of fruit: Hungarian hot peppers have a slender, elongated cone shape typical of hot peppers.
They are relatively long - they are from 12 to 15 centimeters.
Ripe fruits, at their best to eat, have a yellow color, kept darker and become less tasty. The thin pepper flesh is quite spicy, but is suitable for direct consumption.

Harvest period: August - October

Foliage: Hot pepper leaves are caudal, irregularly arranged on the stems. They are long, ovoid or slightly elongated in shape.

Form: Hungarian hot peppers create low-cut bushes with a loose habit. Has flabby stems.

Application: Hungarian pepper, as the name suggests, is spicy, but enough to be consumed directly. Much more often, however, is used as a spice or an element of meat marinade. It is a pepper that is suitable for preservation - both its fruit extracted from the jar and pickle are suitable for consumption, which will have a spicy taste and can be used to season sauces and soups. The undoubted advantage of this variety of pepper is its nice habit - the stems are densely covered with fruit, thanks to which it can also have a decorative function.

Frost resistance: Although this variety is relatively resistant to adverse weather conditions and tolerates temperature drops well, it dies after the appearance of the first frost.

Position: Hungarian hot peppers can be grown both in the ground and in a greenhouse or in a plastic tunnel. In this first option, it needs a warm and sunny place. Requires a fertile, airy substrate with a high mineral content.

Spacing: 45x60 centimeters

Latin name: Capsicum annuum

The package contains approx. 20 seeds
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