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Italian Tomato Scatolone 2 seeds

Italian Tomato Scatolone 2 seeds

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Tomato Scatolone 2 (Solanum lycopersicum) - ground, pepper-shaped, ideal for purees - suitable for guiding both under covers and on open flower beds. This fertile variety with elongated, fleshy, very sweet and tasty fruit finds universal application in the kitchen: it provides both fresh tomatoes for use in salads or salads, as well as excellent, efficient preparation material. Red tomatoes in the shape of peppers have a high decorative value, they are also a treasury of vitamins and potassium.

We sow ground tomato seeds at the beginning of spring in a warm inspection or at home. The Scatolone 2 variety also goes from seeding to seedbed or even straight to the flowerbeds - all you have to do is postpone the start of cultivation to the end of May. Plants bear fruit generously in mid-summer, and we get high yields on every fertile, well-drained garden soil containing humus. Tall specimens of this variety should be tied to stakes.

The package contains 0.5 g Scatolone 2 tomato seeds.

Solanum lycopersicum
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