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Java Fig - Ficus Benjamina - Weeping Fig - Benjamin Tree - 20 seeds

Java Fig - Ficus Benjamina - Weeping Fig - Benjamin Tree - 20 seeds

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Java Fig ( Ficus Benjamina ) 

The package contains 20 seeds with instructions for sowing and further breeding.

Java Fig is native to Asia and Austalia and belongs to the Mulberry family.

Young plants are epiphytes, meaning they grow on tall trees and grow slowly, dropping their long roots down and then taking root in the ground.

In its natural environment, it reaches up to 30 m in height, at home it is much smaller.

Java Fig has delicate, gracefully overhanging branches and leathery, vivid green, shiny, pointed leaves.

It grows very well in indoor pots, in summer the plants can be placed outside in the garden, on the balcony and terrace.

Java Fig is perfect for forming miniature trees.

Bonsai likes pruning even very intensive. Undemanding species requires fertile soil and partially shaded position.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing seeds all year round, before sowing, soak the seeds for 4 hours, then sow them into ordinary garden soil with sand in a ratio of 1/3 and tap the seeds so that they dig into the substrate.

Sprinkle the sowing, cover it with a damp cloth, and then put it in a sunny and warm place, around 25 - 27 ° C.

Pocket contains 20 seeds


Ficus Benjamina

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