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Karlena Carrot 1000 Seeds

Karlena Carrot 1000 Seeds

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Karlena carrot (Daucus carota) develops long, thick, exquisite cylindrical roots. They owe their appetizing appearance to the juicy orange, smooth and quite thin skin, which covers the uniformly colored, also very orange flesh. The proposed variety is characterized by a high content of provitamin A and sugars, so it is worth eating it raw. It is also great for preserves, especially purees and juices. Grown at a later date, it has a very good storage value. Late carrot varieties such as Karlena are especially valuable because they provide access to vitamins in fresh form also in winter.Sowing seeds directly into the beds can be carried out all spring. Harvesting of fully grown roots is in mid-August, September and October. Carrots do best on fertile, medium-compact, airy soil, but not too light and not drying out too quickly. The substrate should heat up quickly in spring.

Each package contains 5 g of Karlena carrot seeds which is about 1000 Seeds.

Daucus carota

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